Meindl USA Warranty Policy

Meindl USA Warranty/Repair Policy

To ensure the best experience for our valued customers, Meindl USA stands behind all our boots. We warranty to the original owner any boots purchased through Meindl USA for up to one year (12 months) from the original date of purchase. Simply put, if our boots fail from manufacturing defects or poor workmanship in the first year, we will repair your boots or replace them if defect is beyond repair. Please note Meindl USA only warranties boots purchased originally through Meindl USA, we are unable to cover warranties for boots purchased from other retailers. Meindl USA's Warranty Policy is nontransferable, it stays with the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to another owner.  

Warranty Conditions & Limitations

    • Improper boot care and maintenance:
    • Usage in a manner not intended
      • Meindl Boots are designed and intended for use in the outdoors for activities such as hunting and/or hiking. Damaged incurred during use outside of said activities may void warranty. 
    • Exposure to fire, artificial heat and/or foreign substances. 
    • Unauthorized repair or modifications
    • Improper storage
    • Accidents or abuse
    • Normal wear & tear
    • Improper fit or discomfort is not covered under warranty. 
    • Boots qualifying for warranty must be sent to Meindl USA for inspection before final decision is made. At the discretion of Meindl USA, boots will be repaired, replaced, or issued as a store credit (to apply towards a new pair of boots) based on the condition of the boots under review. 
    • If it is determined that the boot needs to be replaced it can only be replaced with the same style. Meindl USA will only replace the boot that was purchased, we cannot replace with a different style or size. If the warranty boot is discontinued and out of stock, we can refund your original or apply that purchase amount to a new boot. 

Examples that may void warranty, but are not limited to:

    • Warranty does not cover the use of improper leather conditioners/oils. Meindl USA requires the use of Meindl Sport Wax and Meindl Wet Proof Spray to be eligible for warranty. All the other products will void warranty as they may contain high levels of animal oils which can cause the adhesive on rands to delaminate, further damaging your boot. 
    • Warranty is not extended if boots show signs of exposure to heat sources such as: open flames, wood burning stoves, artificial heat, ozone machines, forest fire, etc. Exposure to such heat or gases may cause rubber rands to bubble and/or show signs of vertical cracking. 
    • Warranty is not extended if boots have been worn/exposed to foreign substances: chemicals, manure, diesel, petroleum fuel, concrete, etc. The use of boots in these conditions may lead to premature breakdown of leather and midsole components.  
    • Warranty is void if the tread on the outsoles have been worn down more than 75% on any boot lug of the outsole. 
    • Warranty is not extended on repaired or replacement boots beyond the original 12 month warranty on the initial purchase. 
    • Warranty is not extended on boots purchased from 3rd party marketplaces or other retailers such as: Cabela's, Amazon, eBay, etc.