Comfort Fit® Technology by Meindl


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Meindl Comfort Fit Comfort fit® technology caters to keeping feet comfortable under all conditions. Crafted around an anatomically designed last, Comfort fit® creates more room in toe box and width at the ball that keeps the big toe straight at all times. This also makes for a wider, more stable platform for walking on uneven or difficult terrain. The shape of the last ensures a snug fit at the heel that keeps feet securely in place. The boot’s well-defined contour also aids in the step, helping propel your feet forward when walking.

  1. More room for toes and more capacity.
  2. More ball width and straight adjustment of the big toe
  3. Wider stance due to wider sole base
  4. Perfect fit due to the snug-fitting heel.
Meindl Comfort Fit Footwear