Meindl USA Warranty Submission Page

Warranty Process

If you believe you have a defective boot or boots, please read Meindl USA's full warranty policy. 
To begin the warranty claim process please read through the notes below, submitting the required information in their entirety along with required images to the email link below. Once submitted our team will review your warranty claim and respond within 3 business days. 

Please Note

  • MEINDL USA WILL NOT ACCEPT DIRTY BOOTS FOR WARRANTY REPAIR. If your boots arrive at our service center without being cleaned, they will be returned at the customer's expense. No warranty repair will begin until boots have been returned in a clean state, including both the uppers and the soles of boots.  
  • Meindl USA is not responsible for shipping costs for the boots to be sent to us however we will pay shipping costs to send boots (whether repaired or a new pair) back to you. 
  • Once we have received the boots, we will examine further. If your warranty claim is approved, we will proceed with repair or replacement. Please allow up to 4 weeks for warranty work to be completed. 
  • If the returned boots are deemed ineligible for warranty due to reasons mentioned under the Meindl USA Warranty/Repair Policy, boots will be returned to the customer at the expense of Meindl USA. 

    Required information to submit warranty claim:

        • First Name:  
        • Last Name: 
        • Phone #: 
        • Original Order#:
        • Original Order Date:
          • Description of Defect:
          • Images of your boots:
          • Sizing tag inside of boot:
          • Sole (bottom) of boot:
          • Side profile of each boot:
          • Defective area of boot:

    Submit above information to