For more than 300 years, the Meindl name has been synonymous with fine footwear crafted in the traditions of eastern Europe.

Petrus Meindl began making shoes and boots in 1683 for the residents of the small village of Kirchanschöring, Germany. Over the years, generations of the Meindl family took up the cobbler’s tools, until Meindl & Co., the company we know today, was formally founded by Lukas Meindl in 1928.


As the company grew, so too did its reputation for building footwear that was both comfortable and durable. Word of Meindl’s quality craftsmanship spread throughout the region and across Europe and soon Meindl boots and trekking shoes were sought out by hikers, adventurers and hunters around the world. 

Much of this success of Meindl footwear can be attributed to Lukas Meindl’s son Alfons, who, along with his brother Hannes, led the company into the modern era. Lukas was an avid adventurer and passionate hunter, whose treks and travels took him to the far corners of the globe. In the fields and mountains, he honed his knowledge of what sportsmen wanted, and more importantly, needed in their footwear. That passion went into the development of every pair of Meindl boots and created the legacy of Meindl that has since spread worldwide.

For a company rooted in the Old-World traditions of craftsmanship, Meindl has been at the forefront of footwear technology. Much of that comes thanks to Lars and Lukas Meindl, the sons of Alfons Meindl and the 11thgeneration of the Meindl family to dedicate themselves to building the best boots in the world.


Along with developing the company’s exclusive Vibram multigrip outsole, Meindl was among the first bootmakers to bring waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex technology to Europe. Other exclusive technologies developed by Meindl include the Air Active footbed, MFS Vakuum construction, Comfort fit last and more.


Since Petrus built that first boot back in 1683, Meindl has been rooted in tradition and quality, defining itself by the durability, fit and function of its footwear. Every pair goes through numerous steps as it passes through the hands of proven craftsmen and women. The finest leather, the best materials, the deepest knowledge – all continuing Meindl’s centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship so you, the customer, can experience the outdoors with a reliable, comfortable pair of footwear at your feet.