Literock Free Trail Shoe


The ultimate trail shoe for tackling all different terrain

Experience stability and comfort like never before with the innovative Variofix® lacing system, providing ample ankle support to keep you grounded on every step of your journey. Whether you’re traversing rocky terrain or navigating uneven paths, trust the Literock trail shoe to deliver stability and comfort with every stride. Thanks to the Vibram® soles and full rand you can have the confidence to conquer any trail with ease. From rocky slopes to muddy trails, these trail shoes will keep you steady and secure. Add in the added protection of Gore-Tex liners whether it’s rain or shine your feet remain dry and comfortable allowing you to focus on the trail ahead. Designed as a classic trail shoe, the Literock is equipped with all the features you need for a best-in-class hiking experience. Step into the Literock Free Trail Shoe and experience the freedom to explore with confidence. Made in Vietnam. 

Sizing Guidelines

If you’ve never worn this boot before,
Our recommendation is to order a whole size down from your Brannock measurement or current U.S. size. Click HERE to find your Brannock measurement.

If you have worn this boot before,
Our recommendation is to order the same size you’re currently wearing.