Merino Extra MT8



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Hikers know as well as hunters that if you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you. But if you develop blisters or other foot injury, you could be in for a world of hurt. Our MT8 socks are made with soft, non-itchy Merino wool, an ideal fabric for a technical hiking sock. Not only does Merino Wool help transfer perspiration from your feet, it also absorbs odors caused by bacteria. We're not saying this is the end of smelly feet, but it's a start. The 4mm thick 3.5-ounce socks are woven into a two-layer construction with Merino Wool and advanced bioceramic yarns which provide additional insulation and temperature regulation. Another innovation, these boot-height socks are anatomically designed to the shape of your right and left foot (and marked accordingly), so they fit properly without extra fabric to wad up and cause blisters. Better fitting socks will make your boots fit and feel better too. Cushioning on the sole and reinforced heel and toe areas add comfort and durability. Made in Italy.

46% Merino Wool, 26% Polyamid, 13% Bioceramic, 12% Polypropylene, 3% Elastic for a bit of stretch. 

  Sizes: Large (8-10.5), Extra Large (11-14)

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