Air Revolution® 4.1 Hiker


Review Meindl's size guide below to identify the correct size of boot for your feet.

Discontinued Style

Unbeatable option when it comes to hiking comfort

When your ambitions take you into challenging terrain you need boots to match the challenge. That is just what these boots are designed for. Let's start with the Meindl exclusive dual layer Air Revolution® tongue featuring air channels to improve ventilation, helping regulate internal temperature. This innovative tongue allows air to circulate into the boots, essentially pumping out hot air each time you take a step. These uninsulated boots are designed for year-around hiking and trekking and taking on difficult terrain. The Gore-Tex® membrane provides 100-percent waterproof protection from snow, rain, dewy meadows and shallow creeks. There's a non-slip Vibram® Alpin Rigid Rubber sole for sure-footed traction and a soft shock-absorbing polyurethane wedge midsole to cushion rocky trails. the Air Active® Insole features memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your feet and evenly distributes the weight across the entire surface; plus, there's a layer of fleece and an absorbent top layer to wick away moisture. The soft cuff provides snug, supportive comfort while the stiff suede leather/mesh upper provides rigid support to keep your ankles supported on the way up, down, and across. The innovative DiGAfix® lacing system locks your heel in place and snugs the entire upper of the boot around your instep without squeezing or creating uncomfortable pressure points. Made in Germany.

Sizing Guidelines

If you’ve never worn this boot before,
Our recommendation is to order half (1/2) a size down from your Brannock measurement or current U.S. size. Click HERE to find your Brannock measurement.

If you have worn this boot before,
Our recommendation is to order the same size you’re currently wearing.

"Looking for those difficult off the path hikes, this is the perfect boot for you. The Air Revolution tongue provides that internal climate control to keep you cool and comfortable out in the conditions. In addition, they are fully waterproof and are a great boot for those hikes that take you to the top of the mountain."

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